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Who is Giacomo Bonaventura?

Giacomo Bonaventura is a popular Italian football player. He is known as a midfielder for the Serie A club Fiorentina and the Italian national team.

Giacomo Bonaventura: birthday, wiki, Age, Parents, Childhood, siblings, ethnicity

Giacomo “Jack” Bonaventura was born on August 22, 1989 in San Severino Marche, Italy, and is now 31 years old, Has Italian nationality, but did not disclose his race. Giacomo’s father is Gianfranco Bonaventura (Gianfranco Bonaventura), he has not yet disclosed his mother’s name and keeps many details of family life secret. The football player did not say anything about his siblings, so he may be an only child. His childhood is still a mystery, because little is known about his early life. Giancomo is now 32 years old.

Giacomo Bonaventura: career, club career

Giacomo started playing professional football for the San Francisco 93′ youth team. Soon, he was transferred to Tolentino Football Club. While playing there, the Atlanta scouts realized Bonaventura’s abilities, and he quickly moved to Atlanta.In 2008, he made his debut in the Atlanta game against Livorno. The Italians continued to play for them until 2014. During this period, he also rented Padua and Pego Crema. In 2014, ACMilan signed Giacomo for 7 million euros.

Except for some injuries, he has always played for them and helped the team with excellent vision and passing. In September 2020, he signed a two-year contract with Florence and left Milan.

International career

Bonaventure has played for the Italian U19 and U20 national teams. He finally made his debut in a friendly against San Marino in 2013, playing 15 games. Currently with senior team.This helped him gain a lot of followers, and his Instagram account has more than 160,000 followers.

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Giacomo Bonaventura: married, Wife, Dating, Kids, Dating, Girlfriend, Relationship statistics

  • What is the marital status of Giacomo Bonaventura? (Single, married, in love, or divorced):
  • When will Giacomo Bonaventura get married? (Date of Marriage): August 8, 2020
  • Who is Giacomo Bonaventura wife ? (name):Federica Ziliani

More information about relationships

Giacomo Bonaventure is currently married to his wife Federica Ziliani. Yoga teacher and popular Instagram figure. These two people also often appear on their social media. Federica’s Instagram biography also shows that she is a mother, but the couple did not disclose any information about the child.

 AcMilan Giacomo Bonaventura and his girlfriend Federica zilani
AcMilan Giacomo Bonaventura and his girlfriend Federica Source: Twitter

Giacomo Bonaventura: Net worth, Income, assets, salary, Contract, Wealth

Giacomo Bonaventura net worth has approximately 15 million euros or 17 million US dollars in assets. His current annual income or salary is approximately 2.6 million euros or 3 million US dollars. … rumors and controversy In May 2017, Buenaventura was embroiled in a few small but playful rumors. At that time, Milan belonged to his C-Club, Chinese businessman Li Yonghong. He met Li’s wife with a dangerous look on the podium, which sparked interesting rumors.

Giacomo Bonaventure: height, weight, Body Measurements, Shoes, Jersey

Bonaventure height is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs about 75 kilograms. He has a slender figure and a strong physique.His eyes and hair are dark brown. He wear a jersey number 8 from Italy national team.

Giacomo Bonaventure: Social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Giacomo Bonaventure is very active and popular on social media. Currently he is only active on Instagram. He has shared a lot of updates about his personal and professional life through his account, which helps He has won many followers and has more than 160,000 followers on his Instagram account.

Giacomo Bonaventure Style of play

Bonaventura is a fast, hardworking and creative midfielder with excellent vision, passing and technique. Bonaventura is a versatile mobile player who can play in various midfield positions. In addition to his privileged position as a central defender as a tracker behind the forward, he is often used as a midfielder, as a midfielder or left wing, and even as the left wing of the offensive trident. In some cases, he was hired as a boxer. In this position, he was called a tutto outfielder in the Italian media; H. The players covering the entire field have his reasons.

The ability to effectively control the ball. The ability of the ball and dribble is characterized by its movement and the attention that creates space or opportunity for teammates. In addition to his scoring ability, he is also a capable shooter, thanks to his natural right-handed long-range shooting, as well as his offensive position, direction and goal vision; in addition to his game strength, Bonaventure also stands out for his leadership, character and maturity as a football player, as well as his ball handling speed and his ability to break through and act.

Perform defensive tasks for your team, allowing you to cover your teammates and defend your line of defense. Because of his performance in the game, he was nicknamed “Jack” by the media (from poker, which is also the abbreviation of his English name); this is because when a letter like Bonaventure appears on the scene, its existence will never be affected. Ignore.

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