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Who is India Emmaline?

India Emmaline is an American doctor. Students from Los Angeles. Emmaline of India is best known as the daughter of writer, activist, and speaker Marianne Williamson.

India Emmaline: Bio, Age, Birthday, Wiki, Parents, Early life and childhood

India Emmaline was born in 1990 in Emmaline Williamson, India. India was born in Los Angeles, California, and is a US citizen. He will also be 31 years old in 2021. India believes in Judaism. As for her family, India was born to her mother, Marian Williamson, and her father’s name is unknown. Her father is a Houston businessman and her mother is a former writer, activist and lecturer. However, she has no siblings. In terms of education, India graduated from a local private school. He later graduated from the University of Los Angeles. India is currently defending its doctoral thesis. Bachelor and PhD in Indian History.

Marianne Williamson daughter India Emmaline
India with her mom Marianne Williamson (source:

Life and Occupation

D. The story at this point, but career details are not available. Inspiring message: “Divine love is the quintessence and quintessence of every human soul.” At first few people attended his meetings, and then the number increased. Marianne is a popular writer. In 1992, she published her first book “Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles”. In 1997, Marianne published her book “Healing the Soul of America”. After writing this book, Marianne talked about plans to change American political consciousness and encourage young and influential citizens to participate in politics to heal society.

This book is considered his best and most important book. Thanks to this, Marianne wrote 13 books in her lifetime.Some of the bestsellers are The Age of Miracles: The New Middle Ages (2007), Magical Love: The Mysterious Power of Intimacy (1999), The Value of Women (1993), The Illuminati (1993), etc. She has appeared in several TV shows, including real-time shows on Good Morning America, Oprah Winfrey Show and Bill Maher.

In addition, in December 2006, a magazine poll named her one of the 50 most influential baby boomers. In 2014, Marianne lost her election in California’s 33rd Congressional District. Celebrity elected government officials, former governors such as Jennifer Granholm and Jesse Ventura, and former Congressmen Dennis Kucinich and Alan Grayson and Van Jones supported and praised them. On August 2, 2018, the British “Guardian” reported that Ma Lin was looking for 2020 The presidential campaign in 2016, but their campaign was on the 28th. However, Marian ended her campaign on January 10, 2020 after participating in only one debate. The second one was voted multiple times.

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India Emmaline: Net worth, wealth, Income, Salary, Earning

Emalin’s wealth is unclear. According to online resources, her net worth in 2019 is $250,000. However, the current status is currently unavailable. In addition, his mother Marianne has a net worth of more than US$2 million.

India Emmaline: Husband, Married, Relationship, Marital Status

As for their relationship status, India did not disclose any news about her Indian boyfriend. She prefers to keep her private life secret and not subject to media surveillance.

India Emmaline: Height, Weight, Body measurements

In terms of her physical characteristics, India Emmaline is 1.63 meters tall and weighs about 56 kilograms or 124 pounds. She is wearing 6-inch shoes and her dress size is 2.However, her actual body measurements (ChestWaistHip) are not available. In addition, India has dark brown hair and fairly brown eyes.

Marianne giving a speech regarding her campaign
Marianne giving a speech regarding her campaign (source:

India Emmaline: social media

As for their social media IDs, India is not active on any of them, such as Facebook or Instagram. And Twitter.

Who is Marianne Williamson?

Marianne Deborah Williamson is an American author, spiritual leader, and political activist. She has written 13 books, including four New York Times number one bestsellers in the “Advice, How To, and Miscellaneous” category. 

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