Jacob and Isabel Roloff Trashes TLC: You Need to Fire the Duggars! NOW!

Welll said, Jacob and Isabel Roloff. So very well said, indeed.

Even if you are not a regular celebrity gossip follower, you’ve likely heard by now that Josh Duggar was arrested on Wednesday on two charges of child pornography possession.

Due to the infamy of his family and the heinous nature of this alleged crime, the story has gone national, with outlets such as CNN reporting on Duggar’s supposed misdeeds.

Jacob and Isabel Roloff Court

According to legal documents and what we’ve gathered from Josh’s court hearing on Friday, the 33-year old father of six is accused of downloading images of underage children in May 2019.

At least one of these images was of a minor under the age of 12.

Josh, who is expecting baby number-seven with his wife, Anna, remains in custody.

He’s being held without bail and will not be permitted around his children even if/when he does make bond after a follow-up hearing on May 5.

It’s a truly horrifying situation, especially when you consider that Josh admitted in 2015 to having inappropriately touched five little girls when he was a 14-year old.

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