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Who is Zoe Grace Quaid?

Zoe Grace Quaid is a celebrity daughter of the famous American Actor, Dennis Quaid, and Business Professional Kimberly Buffington. Zoe Grace Quaid is a cute and humble kid.

Professional Life

Zoe is currently in her teenage. Currently, she is busy focusing on her studies. However, she is also involved in some professional works. Therefore, she is way too young to involve in any professional works. Talking about her parent’s profession, her mother works as a Real estate agent in Austin, Texas for Buffington Signature Homes

Her father, Dennis has featured in a wide array of movies playing drama and comedy characters. Some of the notable examples of his roles playing Jerry Lee Lewis in 1989’s ‘Great Balls Of Fire’, ‘G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra’ in 2009, a lead role in 1996’s Dragonheart, ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ in 2004, and ‘Soul Surfer’ in 2011. Additionally, he played Bill Clinton in ‘The Special Relationship’ in 2010 and Sheriff Ralph Lamb in ‘Vegas’ in 2012 and 2013.

Zoe Grace Quaid twin brothers with her parents
Zoe Grace Quaid twin brothers with her parents(Source: Forbes)

Dennis lent his name to the annual “Dennis Quaid Charity Weekend”, held in Austin from 2002 until 2007. Therefore, the golf tournament attracted numerous celebrities with the proceeds split among local children’s charities. Moreover, he worked with the International Hospital for Children in New Orleans. Therefore, he made several trips to Central America in the nineties to help build medical clinics. And, transport sick children back to the U.S. for the treatment they cannot get locally.

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Zoe Grace Quaid : Early life and Childhood

Zoe Grace Quaid came to this world on November 8, 2007. She falls under the zodiac sign Scorpio and Zoe Grace Quaid ages 14 years old. She was born to popular personalities like the famous actor, Dennis Quaid, and Businesswoman, Kimberly Buffington. Moreover, she has a twin brother named Thomas Boone Quaid. They were born on Thursday in Santa Monica, Calif.

Furthermore, Thomas Boone was born at 8:26 a.m. and weighed 6 lb. 12 oz., while Zoe Grace came two minutes later and weighed 5 lb. 9 oz. They were born only a minute before and after. Furthermore, she has a half-brother named Jack Quaid from Dennis and with ex-wife Meg Ryan.

Moreover, her grandparents are Juanita Bonniedale Jordan and William Rudy Quaid. Similarly, her aunt is Brandy Quaid and her uncles are Randy Quaid and Buddy John Quaid. Talking about her educational journey, the details are not published. However, considering her age, she might be attending school or being homeschooled with her brother Thomas.

When Zoe and her twin brother were just 10 days old, they were mistakenly given a dosage of heparin by the hospital staff. Therefore, it was 1000 times more than a common dose for infants. Luckily, they recover from the incident.

Personal Life

This 13-years-old kid is very young to be dating anyone at the moment. She has a single relationship background as of now. However, her beauty, talent, and charms might attract many lovers. Let’s hope she would get a handsome and loving partner in the future.

However, talking about her parent’s love life, her father, Dennis, and her mother, Kimberly began dating in 2004. And, later, happily, the couple got married on 4 July 2004. Moreover, after being together for more than a decade, the pair filed for divorce in 2016 and they divorced later that year.

Zoe Grace Quaid family
Zoe Grace Quaid family (Source: twitter)

Zoe Grace Quaid: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

As of now, Zoe Grace Quaid height is 4 feet 8 inches tall and has a decent weight as of 13 years old. Nevertheless, as she is a young kid, her body measurement shall keep changing for several more years. However, the young champ is still in the phase of development and growth and hence, her data will keep changing for a long time to come. Moreover, she has beautiful blonde hair and pretty blue eyes.

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Social Media and Net Worth

Zoe is young so she is out of social media sites. Therefore, she is not active on any social media platforms. However, she might open her social media accounts in the future at the right time.

Zoe shares the net worth of her parents. Therefore, her father, Dennis Quaid earns around $30 million as of December 2020.

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